UrbanKiz&Kizomba Fusion workshops & Latin Party in the ROOFA Zone!

We’d like to invite you to unique workshops with MagdaLena and Marcin and a LATIN party!

MagdaLena and Marcin are passionate about Kizomba and its various versions. Excellent dance alignment and sense for music make their dance a fluent dialogue which brings you into a state of euphoria.

MagdaLena started her adventure with dancing 13 years ago from Salsa LA, and then moved on to Bachata Sensual, ballroom dance, jazz, classical dance and finally to Kizomba, which took complete possession of her heart. On the dance floor, she tries to express her emotions through dance. Her movements are subtle, feminine and very elegant.

Marcin started his dancing history from Bachata Sensual and Urban Kiz. His dancing CV includes the basics of ballroom dance, which proved an excellent foundation for other types of dance. Perfect sense for music and confident leading make his dance a magical performance. Elegance and perfect sense for music are the hallmarks of this gentleman.

December 7 (SATURDAY) – Terlecki Dance Studio/Abballu Dance Studio – UrbanKiz&Kizomba Fusion Workshops – MagdaLena and Marcin (Bydgoszcz)

3–3.30 PM – Introduction– Saida – Similar and yet different
3.30–4 PM – Exercises – Balance and equilibrium
6–8 PM – Figures and tricks – Openings – Different variants

7–7.30 PM – Free Latin dance lesson
7.30 – Start of a dance party – Latin music, dance animations
Workshops are paid by individual participants, admission to the Latin party is free.
Between Revue performances, Latin music will be played in the following proportions: 3Kiz+3Bachata+2Salsa